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The Future of Light and Lighting: Light for Health and Well Being

18.09.2008 - (idw) Hochschule Wismar, University of Technology, Business and Design

"Light Symposium Wismar 2008 - The Future of Light and Lighting is the title of an international conference of experts, which takes place from 4-8 November 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Hochschule Wismar. The symposium is held as a part of the centennial celebration of the Hochschule and intends to delve into the different impacts of light and lighting on humans in an interdisciplinary way. Well-known national and international lighting designer, medical scientists, biologists, colour psychologists, and ergonomists present their experiences and new ideas in workshops and speeches. Additionally, the conference is also seen to give all participants a platform for discussing the future of light and lighting. Coinciding with the event is the conference "Vox Juventa", which represents the voice of the youth and therefore the future of the lighting designer. The annual meeting is organised by the PLDA, the Professional Lighting Designer Association.

Furthermore, the PLDA is also the organiser for the "Educators Meetings" and the "Autumn Meetings", which take place at the end of the Symposium. The Educators Meetings offer professional instructors a forum for discussion and the exchange of experiences. In the consideration of the internationality of the event, the conference language will be English.

Professor Michael F. Rohde, the organiser of the Symposium, refers to this event as being the spark for an intense cooperation between the health care management of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the international luminaire industry. Several national and international universities, which address the topic of light in research and education in their study programs followed his invitation. The contribution of more than 20 sponsors from seven different countries emphasises the importance of the conference among luminaire and light producers.

The goal of the event is to exchange new ideas and findings among the broad range of professionals as well as to encourage and initiate further research and networking projects in the area of architecture, medical science, light and colour. Choosing the location Wismar for this special event outlines the importance of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany as a state with a cutting-edge role regarding health
Over 29 international experts from over ten countries will talk about topics such as
o Interior colour and lighting design of rooms where the comfort of its occupants is of a high importance,
o Offices in which the elements of light and colour support the well being of employees and have a motivating effect,
o Lighting conditions in hospitals, which have a possible impact on the well being of patients,
o The use of light in different cultures,
o Cost-saving solutions, and
o The assignment of a professional lighting designer in the planning process.

A further intention is to link this new and innovative topic "Light for Health and Well Being" to the Hochschule Wismar and to encourage new initiatives based on the already existing network of the health management industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
It is the first time that the Faculty of Architecture and Design will conduct a conference with such an international background. The Symposium is one of the highlights of the scientific events in the course of the centennial celebrations of the Hochschule. Integrated into the programme is the annual conference "Vox Juventa", which is organised by the PLDA - the Professional Lighting Designers Association. Young professionals under the age of 30 get the opportunity to present their ideas to a broad audience.
Additionally, PLDA also holds its bi-annual "Herbst Meeting" and the "Educators Meeting" at the end of the Symposium. The latest is a platform for professional instructors to exchange experience and discuss new ideas.

The "Light Symposium Wismar 2008" is organised and conducted by the Faculty of Architecture and Design, especially by the master study program Architectural Lighting Design, and is supported by many partner institutions.

If you have any further queries or need additional information please refer directly to Claudia Ninas, telephone +49 (0)3841 753 420 or send an email to or
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