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Queen Elizabeth I: Past and Present

20.05.2003 - (idw) Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

The life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I and her abiding popularity make for a compelling story and a conference at the University of Bamberg from 22 - 24 May will tell it well. It marks the 400th anniversary of the death of the Queen.

The Centre for British Studies (CBS) at the University of Bamberg is pleased to announce a major international conference on "Elizabeth I: Past and Present". The Queen was one of England's greatest monarchs and a highly intelligent and successful ruler. When Elizabeth I, a woman in a man's world, took the throne, England was the poorest of the European empires. At her death in 1603, England was among the most powerful nations in the world.

The conference will appeal to everyone interested in the charismatic character of Elizabeth I, her time and afterlife. Distinguished speakers from Europe and the United States will focus on important aspects of Elizabeth's subtle and resourceful political power and the long-standing struggle she faced at home and abroad as well as the threats posed to her power. The conference will also bring together for the first time a series of papers about the fictive representations of Queen Elizabeth I in literature, music and film. The papers will illuminate the fascinating story of her numerous afterlifes and their significance for the cultural history of England, its sense of identity and psyche. Other papers will investigate the ceremony, festivities and dance practices at her court and will bring to life the cultural significance of this colourful and extraordinary monarch. There will be two concerts, a demonstration of Elizabethan dance, a recital and a book-display.
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