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Renowned Keck Award goes to Germany for the first time

25.09.2010 - (idw) Fachhochschule Köln

Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the Wallraff-Richartz-Museum win »Restoration Oscar«
This evening, the team of restorers from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum will be presented with the renowned Keck Award in Istanbul. Iris Schaefer, Head of the Restoration Department at the Wallraf, and Prof. Hans Portsteffen from the Institute of Restoration and Conservation at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, will receive the award in Istanbul. The »Oscar« of the restoration field is being awarded to the Museum and the University of Applied Sciences for the research project entitled »Painting techniques of impressionism and postimpressionism«. The Wallraf presented the results of the project in the unique exhibition entitled »The hidden techniques of the impressionists«. The show captivated around 600,000 visitors in Cologne, Florence and Vienna. The results are summarised in an attractive online publication that is globally accessible (

»The award is fantastic confirmation of the topical relevance of our joint research work and of our Internet publication, which makes the research results available to everybody in a previously unknown breadth and depth«, emphasises Prof. Hans Portsteffen.

The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, in short IIC, has been presenting the Keck Award biennially since 1994. IIC uses the award to honour outstanding achievements by persons or facilities in promoting the pubic perception of restoration. This year, the award has been won by a German institute for the first time. The Keck Award is named after the American couple Sheldon and Caroline Keck who are regarded throughout the world as pioneers of modern restoration.

»I am very proud to have the honour of receiving this award on behalf of my team and our museum and I am delighted that our work has impressed the IIC«, commented Iris Schaefer before her flight to Istanbul.

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