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Swedes happier than before

14.12.2010 - (idw) University of Gothenburg

Swedes are both happy and content with their lives, reveals a report from the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The factors that contribute most to a sense of wellbeing are good health, family and friends, a good home and personal finances. Clothes and appearance play only a very minor role. More and more Swedes are describing themselves as happy and content. When the SOM Institute asked: On balance, how content are you with the life you live? and On balance, how happy would you say you are?, nine out of ten replied that they are both content and happy. Not entirely unexpectedly, there also turned out to be a strong correlation between happiness and contentedness.

Good health is the most important factor for Swedes personal wellbeing, followed by family, good friends, having a good (and safe) place to live, and healthy personal finances.
The factors at the bottom of the list include religious faith, political commitment, looking good, an exciting life and wearing nice clothes.

The report also shows that contentment can vary considerably from one area of our life to another we are generally more content with family life than with our work/studies or finances.
The reports authors are Bengt Brülde, docent in practical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg, and Åsa Nilsson, research administrator at the SOM Institute.
SOM report 2010:16
Vad gör oss nöjda med våra liv? domäntillfredsställelse och viktighetsbedömningar (What makes us happy with our lives? Domain satisfaction and importance rankings) (Swedish only)

For more information, please contact: Bengt Brülde
Tel.: +46 31-786 41 80

Journal: SOM-rapport nr 2010:16
Title: Vad gör oss nöjda med våra liv? domäntillfredsställelse och viktighetsbedömningar
Authors: Bengt Brülde, Åsa Nilsson Weitere Informationen:
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