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French-German Research Institute (ISL) member of new CARNOT Institute Materials Alsace

31.05.2011 - (idw) Deutsch-Französisches Forschungsinstitut Saint-Louis (ISL)

The French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) associated within the network MICA (Materials Institute Carnot Alsace) to 8 Alsatian public laboratories and 7 so called CRITT / Regional Centres for Innovation and Technology Transfer). has been labelled CARNOT-Institute by the French Ministry of Research on 28 April 2011. This accreditation of its expert group for material sciences as Carnot Institute is an important step to the valorisation of ISL research results. MICA is an association of 8 Alsatian public laboratories (1) and 7 enterprises (2). MICA has been accredited CARNOT Institute thanks to its high scientific level and the active transfer of research work in material sciences into innovative products. MICA is also the result of the close cooperation of the University of Strasbourg and the University of Upper Alsace. Coordinated by Cathie Vix, Director of the Institute for Material Sciences (CNRS-Université de Haute Alsace), MICA is meant to offer its knowledge and expertises to industry and public authorities. More than 800 scientists, academic lecturers, postgraduates and postdocs join their know-how within this new structure and offer a large spectrum of material know-how from basic research up to industrial development.

After several years of joint actions within the Alsatian material and nanoscience network (Pôle matériaux and nanosciences Alsace), MICA is working in the domain of functional materials from the design until their associated factoring procedures. MICA is meant to be the competent partner of academic and industrial clients searching for new materials with specific functions and special applications.

In the framework of more than 300 industrial collaborations, MICA can respond to industrial demands of different economic sectors such as aeronautics and space applications, automotive and railways industry, optics, construction or defence and global security. MICAs research in biomaterials offers clinical experts new contrast products for medical imaging or nanomaterials used as tracers to follow up the effects of medicaments.

The Carnot-Label is granted for a period of 5 years. It shall foster research partnerships such as joint projects between public institutions and private enterprises. The Carnot Network is supported by the French national Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR) and inspired by the German Fraunhofer model. For ISL, the branding as Carnot-Institute will contribute to more public reconnaissance, additional financial resources and the integration within a wide research network.

The French-German Research Institute (ISL) is a joint initiative of the French and German ministries of Defence. Created at the end of Second World War and transformed into binational institute in 1959, ISL is specialised in the most sophisticated Defence technologies. ISL is now considered expert in high speed phenomena (explosions), but also in lasers, nanomaterials, electronic pulse power devices, certain domains of optronics and signal processing. ISL is doing research from fundamental research until the development of demonstrators using their synergies to offer solutions also in the field of Global security. Together with other public institutions in France and in Germany such as CEA, 'ONERA in France and DLR in Germany ISL contributes to maintain the technological advance of Defence technology and offers solutions in its fields of competence. Weitere Informationen: http://les-instituts-carnot - Informationen über die Carnot Institute - website of the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis ISL

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