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Brilliantly scathing

16.06.2011 - (idw) Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Sixth Münster conference on the life and works of satirist Jonathan Swift Its supposed to be a childrens book, with comical dwarfs and scary giants. But in fact Gullivers Travels was a scathing satire which, in the course of almost 300 years, has had its bite removed and become a childrens book after being paraphrased and having bits left out. Münster Universitys Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Research aims to rediscover the real author Jonathan Swift and his literary significance. So the international Swift Symposium will be taking place for the sixth time from June 20 - 22, with scholars from Australia, Canada and the USA expected, as well as from the UK, France, Ireland, Hungary and Germany.

The latest research on the Dean of St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin has been collected in seven thematic sections. In addition to Swifts early masterpiece A Tale of a Tub, written in 1704, the first day will see talks on aspects of Swifts biography, a descriptive/analytical bibliography and text structure. Day Two will begin with a section on Swifts religious, political and historiographical work, followed by one on the Deans problematic relationship with Ireland, the country of his exile, as well as on aspects of the themes of reception and appropriation history. The third day will cover Gullivers Travels and Swifts poetry in one section each.

Accompanying the symposium will be an exhibition on Swiftian Material Culture, which draws on the rich stocks held by the Ehrenpreis Institute and which can be seen in the English Departments library at Johannisstrasse 12-20. The Münster Institute is named after Irvin Ehrenpreis, the most distinguished Swift expert of his generation, who died in Münster in 1985. After his death the Ehrenpreis Centre was established with his work papers and a comprehensive library encompassing the 17th and 18th centuries. Most recently, the Ehrenpreis Centre was able to acquire around 1,400 volumes from the library of the Swift scholar David L. Woolley in Perth. As a result, Münster holds the worlds largest collection by far on the life and work of Jonathan Swift. Weitere Informationen: Ehrenpreis Center for Swift Studies
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