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Research brought to life!

22.11.2011 - (idw) VolkswagenStiftung

Now online: The English version of sciencemovies, a video blog presented by the Volkswagen Foundation. Detective skills are called for: In a burial ground dating back four thousand years BC, a team of researchers led by archaeologist Susanne Friederich stumbles across a collective grave. Nine people were buried here over 5,000 years ago four adult women and five children. Who were they? Were they mothers buried with their children? Did they die as result of a catastrophe a fire perhaps? Or were they the victims of some kind of ritual sacrifice? The researchers begin their detective work.

This is only one of eight exciting research projects presented by the Volkswagen Foundation on its video blog sciencemovies. The foundation now also offers an English version at:

For several months, the scientists and scholars have documented their re-search with the camera. They give a firsthand account of their daily routine in the lab, in the rainforest, on remote islands or in the goldmine. Eight series of three-minute video clips provide unique insights in science and research. The researchers come from the fields of archaeology, building research, biology, soil science, chemistry, ethnology, history, engineering, and linguistics. Please subscribe for the sciencemovies newsletter to stay informed about new episodes.

These projects are presented:

Dig for Gold, Reap Poison?
Soil scientist Peter Felix-Henningsen analyses how toxins from gold mining get into foods in Georgia.

Save the Forests of Madagascar
Biologist Peggy Giertz from Hamburg accompanies a training program for students in the endangered natural habitat of Madagascar.

Shark Skin for Speed
Engineer Björn Feldhaus from Aachen and his team want to apply the riblet structure of shark skin to technical surfaces.

Understanding the ABC of Algae
Chemist Caroline Kurth and her colleague Andrea Bauer from Jena are decoding the biochemical means of communication of algae.

Africa Beeping
Ethnologist Primus Tazanu from Basel studies the role of modern media for the social lives of people in Africa and for Africans living abroad.

Featuring Reglindis
The founder figure Reglindis stands for eleven young researchers of the Naumburg Kolleg, who investigate the secrets of Naumburg Cathedral.

Who Can Still Speak Daakaka?
Social anthropologist Soraya Hosni from Berlin is documenting the South Pacific language Daakaka, which is in danger of dying out.

Was it Murder?
Archaeologist Susanne Friederich from Halle examines a mysterious multiple grave dating back some 4,000 years BC.

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