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EMBO welcomes 55 leading life scientists as members

09.05.2012 - (idw) EMBO - excellence in life sciences

Heidelberg, Germany, 9 May 2012 Fifty-five life scientists from Europe and around the world were today recognised by EMBO for their excellence in research. Forty-eight of the researchers are from Europe and neighbouring countries while seven scientists from Argentina, Australia, South Korea and the United States join as Associate Members. In total, EMBO membership now comprises almost 1,550 life scientists in the international scientific community. EMBO elects new members annually on the basis of scientific excellence. The new members represent a broad cross-section of the life sciences. The latest scientists to join the group come from 17 different countries and include 13 female scientists recognized for their contributions to life science research.

The new nominees include the first ever Associate Members in South Korea and Argentina. Our members are the basis for the excellent international reputation of EMBO and its increasingly global orientation. We welcome this group of exceptional scientists and look forward to their fresh input and ideas, said EMBO Director Maria Leptin.

The selected researchers will help shape the direction of the life sciences in Europe and beyond by their involvement with the activities of the organization. EMBO Members provide scientific input such as acting on advisory editorial boards of the four scientific journals of the organization, serving on selection committees for EMBO Programmes and giving general advice to the scientific community.

A list of all new EMBO Members and Associate Members accompanies this announcement.

Ronen Alon, Israel
Rolf Apweiler, United Kingdom
Manuela Baccarini, Austria
Shankar Balasubramanian, United Kingdom
Cosima Tatiana Baldari, Italy
Lucia Banci, Italy
Axel Behrens, United Kingdom
Monsef Benkirane, France
Ewan Birney, United Kingdom
Cédric Blanpain, Belgium
Jannie Borst, Netherlands
Paola Bovolenta Nicolao, Spain
Jens C. Brüning, Germany
Francesco Cecconi, Italy
Jane Clarke, United Kingdom
Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna, Italy
Ulrike Gaul, Germany
Pascal Genschik, France
Urs Greber, Switzerland
William A. Harris, United Kingdom
Urs Jenal, Switzerland
Torben Heick Jensen, Denmark
Ludger Johannes, France
Kai Johnsson, Switzerland
Jos M.M. Jonkers, Netherlands
Stefan H.E. Kaufmann, Germany
Michel Labouesse, France
Andreas Ladurner, Germany
Nils-Göran Larsson, Germany
Andreas Lüthi, Switzerland
Laura Machesky, United Kingdom
Paul Martin, United Kingdom
William Martin, Germany
Raúl Méndez, Spain
Eric Miska, United Kingdom
May-Britt Moser, Norway
Béla Novák, United Kingdom
Nancy Papalopulu, United Kingdom
Chris Ponting, United Kingdom
Thomas Preat, France
Michael Sattler, Germany
François Schweisguth, France
Luca Scorrano, Switzerland
Maria Sibilia, Austria
Thomas Surrey, United Kingdom
Sarah A. Teichmann, United Kingdom
Antoine Triller, France
Sabine Werner, Switzerland

New Associate Members 2012
Vishva Dixit, United States
V. Narry Kim, Republic of Korea

Alberto R. Kornblihtt, Argentina
Eric S. Lander, United States
Ruth Lehmann, United States
Ronald D. Vale, United States
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