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Come Meet Some of the Worlds Best Computer Scientists and Mathematicians!

17.03.2014 - (idw) Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation

Many of the most talented computer scientists and mathematicians will once again meet in Heidelberg this autumn. From September 21 to 26, the 2nd Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) will take place and build on the great success of the first Forum: The HLF is an extraordinary scientific event that unites young researchers from around the globe with the leading scientists in the research fields of mathematics and computer science. Again, the organizers of the HLF will provide the opportunity for journalists to meet some of the greatest pioneers in computer science and technology or groundbreaking mathematical thinkers. Selected scientific laureates - recipients of the ACM Turing Award, the Fields Medal, the Nevanlinna Prize or the Abel Prize - will gather for the second time in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. There they will meet 200 chosen young researchers from all over the world for an intensive exchange of ideas and experiences. Motivating, inspiring and encouraging a long-lasting interdisciplinary dialogue across generations and beyond cultural barriers is the main focus of the HLF. Mathematics as one of the oldest and computer science as a very young scientific discipline provide the foundation for todays highly engineered and modern life - and they belong to our culture. Their social relevance will continue to grow, and we therefore want to raise public awareness for both scientific disciplines, states the organizer of the Forum, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation along with its founder Klaus Tschira.

Unlike other scientific conferences, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum provides a unique sociable atmosphere that encourages casual interaction among the participants. A young mathematician, who had the chance to take part in the first event, had this to say about his experience: In this one week I have learned more than I learned in years. And a laureate commented: Talking to my fellow scientists and other laureates helped me enormously to reflect my own ideas. The scientific program of the HLF contains workshops, lectures and panels and offers plenty of opportunity for the research generations to debate on the highest scientific level. Various topics of mathematics and computer science will be covered in one scientific event as plenary lectures will be given by many of the laureates and workshops will be organized by the young researchers. The scientific program and the list of participating laureates will be published online soon on the Forums website:

The Forum will offer 15 travel grants of up to 3,000 euros for journalists to give them the opportunity to report on the fascinating event and brilliant minds, ideas and concepts behind the world of computer science and mathematics. The grant will cover the travel to Heidelberg as well as the accommodation during the HLF symposium. Journalists should take this exquisite opportunity to meet the inventors of the internet or the leading scientists in theoretical and applied mathematics.
Please apply online via the official HLF application system: Anhang
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