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In 20 years Health Economy can be the leading sector in the Baltic Sea Region

26.06.2014 - (idw) ScanBalt

Those were the words of ScanBalt General Secretary Peter Frank during a plenary panel discussion at the "10th German National Branchenkonferenz für Gesundheitswirtschaft" with more than 600 participants gathered 21 to 22 May in the wonderful surroundings at Hohe Düne, Warnemünde, Germany. He supported the vision by referring to a recent market analysis by Nord LB The Health Economy in the Baltic Sea Region: Challenges and Opportunities. The analysis concludes that it is possible to establish the Baltic Sea Region health sector not only as a cost generating healthcare system, but as an interdisciplinary sector registering above-average growth and offering great potential opportunities. The analysis is prepared for ScanBalt via the BSHR HealthPort project co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme.

The report can be downloaded here

He added that those who support the vision should become a member of their regional cluster organization which works to achieve the high ambitions for health economy both regionally and nationally - and in the Baltic Sea Region via their collaboration with other regional clusters in the ScanBalt® fmba association.

Indeed the Branchenkonferenz gave reasons to be optimistic as the presentation of R & D activities and of companies and their products and services were striking. In addition one could not avoid being impressed by the support from opinion and decision makers illustrated by the presence of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Minister President Erwin Sellering and several of his ministers.

Many regions could benefit from having a closer look on how they do things and set an agenda in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The conference was excellently organized by BioCon Valley, See the impressions from the 10th German National Branchenkonferenz für Gesundheitswirtschaft here
BioCon Valley is cofounder of ScanBalt fmba.

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