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Flexible electronics off the roll more than just luminous film

24.09.2014 - (idw) Fraunhofer-Institut für Elektronenstrahl- und Plasmatechnik FEP

Fraunhofer FEP works on cost-effective system solutions for flexible devices and
presents results at Plastic Electronics 2014. A significant growth is predicted for the market of flexible devices. The topic Wearables,
namely intelligent, wearable systems with several useful and funny features is
currently one of the major discussion topics. To enjoy more comfort, exceptional designs
and higher functionality manufacturers and users ask for flexible electronic devices, like
displays, lighting elements or circuit boards.

Although research and development groups have already made considerable progress in
this field, not all challenges could be solved so far. Various topics are subject to further
development, e.g. materials, processes, machines as well as system integration.

Fraunhofer FEP provides a roll-to-roll process line which enables the application of organic
materials for OLED (organic light-emitting diodes), OPD (organic photodiodes) or OPV
(organic photovoltaic) on flexible substrates in one complete technology. The process
includes the structuring, automatic inspection of the initial substrates, the vapor deposition
of the organics and, finally, the encapsulation of the coated films or glasses.

Organic electronics certainly require flexible electrical contacts. Therefore, Fraunhofer FEP implemented an additional printing process of metal contacts for the reliable contacting of, for example, large-area flexible OLED on metal, polymer and thin glass substrates. In cooperation with printing paste manufacturers and other suppliers, e.g. machine manufacturers,adhesive manufacturers, encapsulation film suppliers, the scientists are now able to develop optimized products for required process steps under production conditions.

Dr. Jacqueline Brückner, Project Manager Surface Analysis for the roll-to-roll organic
technology, says: Our customers have different requirements to design and mechanical
stability of devices. With our know-how and our process equipment we provide a unique
development platform for all these demands.

For example, there are various solutions for the device contacting. Currently, several
contacting solutions with flat ribbon cable, like ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film)-Bonding, ACA (Anisotropically Conductive Adhesive)-Bonding or ACP (Anisotropic Conductive Paste)-Bonding are evaluated.

Examples of different contacting solutions, special contacting and encapsulation layouts
for the roll-to-roll OLED processes will be presented at the booth at Plastic Electronics

Beside this exhibition, Dr. Olaf Hild of Fraunhofer FEP will give a talk with the topic
Organic Electronics and Organic Photodiodes at Tech Arena 1, ALPEXPO on October
7th, 12:40 pm.

About Fraunhofer FEP:

Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam, Plasma Technology and COMEDD FEP works on
innovative solutions in the fields of vacuum coating, surface treatment and processing
with electrons and plasmas as well as organic semiconductors. The core competences
electron-beam technology, sputtering and plasma-activated as well as PECVD high-rate
coating, technologies for the organic electronic and IC/system design provide the basis
for these activities.

Thus Fraunhofer FEP offers a wide range of possibilities for research, development and
pilot fabrication, especially for the processing, sterilization, structuring and refining of
surfaces as well as OLED microdisplays, organic and inorganic sensors, optical filters and
flexible OLED lighting.

Our aim is to develop the innovation potential of the electron beam, plasma technology
and organic electronic for new production processes and devices and to make it available
for our customers.

Visit us at booth no. 1032! (joint booth of Saxony)

Press contact:
Annett Arnold
Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam, Plasma Technology and COMEDD (FEP) | Phone +49 351 2586 452 |
Winterbergstraße 28 | 01277 Dresden | Gemany | Weitere Informationen:
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