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NIT Study Programs for engineers FIBAA-accredited

12.11.2014 - (idw) NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management gGmbH

The Technology Management (M.A.) and Technology Management (MBA) study programs of NIT have been awarded the quality seal of both the accreditation agency FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and the German Accreditation Council. Over the past year the accreditation commission has, with the participation of representatives of universities, business professionals, and students, taken a closer look at NITs study offering and finally awarded it its seal of quality. The experts were very impressed by our internationally aligned, English-language management program for engineers, says NIT CEO Verena Fritzsche.

The main aim of study program accreditation is by introducing national standards to ensure the quality of teaching and studies and to improve the international comparability of academic degrees. At NIT these quality standards are fulfilled and, in some areas, exceeded.

The NIT more than convinced the commission especially with the international alignment of its offerings. On average over the past 15 years of NIT programs, around 80 percent of students have been from countries other than Germany. The high proportion of international students envisioned and achieved, the consistent establishment of an international, English-language environment, and the sole and exclusive use of English have led to a clearly recognizable and perceived international climate at NIT, the FIBAAs official report states.

The integration of theory and practice also exceeds requirements. In addition to the practical orientation of course content, practice-related case studies are used in over 50 percent of courses that are discussed, analyzed, and presented in groups. Students also complete an at least three-month mandatory internship with an NIT partner company. Furthermore, degree theses frequently have a practical business orientation. Individually or in teamwork they deal with a challenging issue from industry or a specific company.

The accreditation commission was so convinced of the quality of the study programs that the accreditation term was set at seven years. Accreditation is usually granted for five years. NIT study programs are accredited until September 30, 2020 and will then be due for re-accreditation. Weitere Informationen: - more about NIT's study programs in technology management
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