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Biological Materials of Marine Origin: Vertebrates

22.12.2014 - (idw) Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

This work is a source of modern knowledge on biomineralization, biomimetics
and materials science with respect to marine vertebrates. For the first time in scientific literature the author gives the most coherent analysis of the nature, origin and evolution of biocomposites and biopolymers isolated from and observed in the broad variety of marine vertebrate organisms (fish, reptilian, birds and mammals) and within their hierarchically organized structural formations. o First complete, illustrated systematic monograph of biological materials of marine origin with respect to vertebrates
o Top level multi-disciplinary hybrid monograph between textbook and encyclopaedia on marine biological materials
o Unique standard reference work

The basic format is that of a major review article, with liberal use of references to original literature. There is a wealth of new and newly synthesized information, including dozens of previously unpublished images of unique marine creatures including extinct, extant and living taxa and their mineralized and un-mineralized structures from nano- to micro and macroscale. The material is organized effectively along both biological (phyla) and functional lines. Several modern topics e.g. Biohalite, or Fish Skin: From Clothing to Tissue Engineering, as well as Silica-based Minerals in Marine Vertebrates, are never represented and discussed in previously published books. For the first time such current concepts as hierarchical organization of biocomposites and skeletal structures, structural bioscaffolds, biomimetism and bioinspiration as tools for the design of innovative materials are critically analyzed from both biological and materials science point of view using numerous unique examples of marine vertebrate origin. This monograph reviews the most relevant advances in the marine biological materials research field, pointing out several approaches being introduced and explored by distinct modern laboratories.

Ehrlich, Hermann
Biological Materials of Marine Origin: Vertebrates
Series: Biologically-Inspired Systems, Vol. 4
2015, XII, 436 p. 122 illus., 74 illus. in color.
ISBN 978-94-007-5729-5
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