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Wahlen in der Türkei, AKP, Gülen Bewegung, Säkularismus & Religiösität: Interviewpartnerin am ZMO

12.02.2015 - (idw) Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren Berlin e.V. (GWZ)

Am Berliner Zentrum Moderner Orient steht die Journalistin Dr. Ayse Cavdar bis Ende April zu aktuellen Fragen zu Entwicklungen in der Türkei zur Verfügung. Dr. Cavdar promovierte 2014 an der Europa Universität Viadrina.

Am ZMO arbeitet sie derzeit über "Ethical/Moral Transformation of Living Islam".

- upcoming elections in Turkey
- popular culture
- political contest between secularism and religiosity
- current manifestations of political Islam
- Gulen Movement and its war with the AKP
- situation of Syrian refugees
- social opposition after Gezi Park protests
- urban transformation and the construction sector

Interviewanfragen bitte an Graduated from Ankara University, Department of Journalism, Aye Çavdar received a Masters' degree in history, from Bogazici University. She worked for dailies as Yeni afak and Yeni Yüzyl, and magazines including Nokta, Ülke, Atlas and stanbul. She co-edited three books: (with Ergun Meric) Cemil Meriç and the Children of this Land, Iz Yayincilik, 1998; (with Volkan Aytar) Media and Security Sector Oversight, Limits and Possibilities, TESEV, 2009; with Pelin Tan, State of Exception in an Exceptional City, Sel Yayinlari, 2013

In 2010, her long interview with sociologist Nilufer Gole got published as a book by Hayy Kitap. In 2011, she edited a special issue of Express magazine on Neo-Islamism. She completed her PhD thesis entitled "the Loss of Modesty: The Adventure of Muslim Family from Neighborhood to Gated Community" at the European University of Viadrina, in 2014. Her PhD project was supported by Global Prayers Project initiated by MetroZones. She works as field researcher for Helsinki Citizens Assembly's project entitled "Citizens Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security" in Western Balkans and Turkey.

In her PhD project, she analyzed how a government uses the state apparatuses and privileges to transform a city in a neo-liberal playground. Her case, Istanbul, is under a big transformation process in the last seven years. This transformation itself represents the economical and social preferences of Turkey under the rule of AKP. In order to analyze AKP's urban policies, Ayse Cavdar focuses on TOKI (Mass Housing Administration of Turkey). Since 2004 the government authorized TOKI as the main actor to apply its policies over different urban contexts. Weitere Informationen: Zentrum Moderner Orient Ayse Cavdar on
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