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Working on the European Dimension of Accreditation

06.03.2002 - (idw) FIBAA

FIBAA präsentiert Ergebnisse in der Akkreditierungszusammenarbeit mit den Niederlanden. Tagung des Dutch and the Flemish Ministries of Education am 12. bis 13. März 2002 in Amsterdam.

The conference deals with accreditation as a tool for transparency concerning bachelor and master programmes in Europe. It is convened in perspective of the follow-up of the Bologna declaration and it is part of the working program resulting from the 'Prague Summit' in preparation of the ministerial meeting, Berlin 2003. The organisation therefore takes place in close co-operation with the German Rectors Conference (HRK).

Recently, the Netherlands and Flanders joined hands and sought co-operation with other countries in which accreditation of bachelor and master programmes is taking place or is considered. This resulted in the 'Joint Quality Initiative', a series of actions launched to learn by doing and to seek common ground in accreditation mechanisms and criteria for quality assessment, aimed at mutual recognition of accreditation mechanisms. At the conference this will be illustrated and discussed.

Key-issue is the internationalisation of quality assurance and accreditation. This could be realised by sharing information about the state of the art of national policies concerning quality assurance in higher education, by comparing developed benchmarks and standards for bachelor and master programmes and by developing principles for transnational recognition of accreditation criteria for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

FIBAA will present briefly the main strong point's of FIBAA's co-operation with partners in the Netherlands and Poland in a working group, 'Models & methods for cross-border/international quality', on Tuesday, 12 March. The working groups aim to give the participants an overview about diffrences in German and Netherlands accreditation. The discussion should focus on: How can co-operation between accrediting agencies from different countries help to achieve European communication (or, going further: convergence) about standards for bachelor/master programmes?

Working on the European Dimension of Accreditation
International Conference on Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Location: Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Leeuwenburg)
De Weesperzijde 190

Contact address:
University of Twente
Mrs Gillian Luisman
Postbus 217

T +31 53 489 3263
F +31 53 434 0392

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