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Strategy for lifelong learning now available (Volume 115)

22.11.2004 - (idw) Bund-Länder-Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung


Strategy for lifelong learning in the Federal Republic of Germany now available to the international community

The Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion (BLK) has now published an English version of its strategy paper on lifelong learning. This publication is an important instrument for the Federal Government and the Länder to present Germany's strategy to all those interested in the international community. The German version of the paper was published in July.
The strategy paper covers all phases of human life, from childhood to the autumn of life. It describes the constitutional framework of the German education system and the challenges which each citizen will have to meet in the future.
The joint strategy paper of the Federal Government and the Länder is of special importance in the international context, particularly vis-à-vis the EU and the OECD. It offers an opportunity to set out some points for the definition of lifelong learning beyond the national level. Germany is documenting its readiness and ability to design its education system in keeping with future needs and to contribute to making Europe one of the most competitive knowledge societies in the world.
The English version of the paper has been published as a bochure (volume 115 of the BLK series "Materialien zur Bildungsplanung und zur Forschungsförderung") and is also available for download at
Private persons ordering the brochure are requested to pay ¤3 per copy plus ¤2 package and posting to the BLK, account no. 380 010 18 at the Deutsche Bundesbank, Filiale Bonn (bank code 380 000 00), reference "BLK-Materialien, Kap. 0104 Titel 119 99".
Representatives of the press, radio and TV can order the brochure free of charge.
Print version (pdf file):
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