ETH Zurich: International Competence Center for Innovation (ICCI)

07.07.2005 - (idw) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

ETH Zurich has established an International Competence Center for Innovation (ICCI). The central task of the new centre will be to conduct innovation research in cooperation with the business sector and other partners from the national and international arena. Through the establishment of this centre, ETH Zurich aims to make a substantial contribution to reinforcing Swiss innovation capabilities. The Swiss economy is undergoing a change from a production economy to an economy of knowledge. In the future, Switzerland's added value will be acquired primarily through the formulation and exploitation of product knowledge, and its wealth will be sustained mostly through the realization of these knowledge-based products. Further development of innovation in Switzerland is having a correspondingly significant role. It was for this reason that ETH Zurich set up the International Competence Center for Innovation (ICCI) on 1 July. The ICCI brings together the resources already in existence in the innovation research field at ETH Zurich and increases collaborative innovation research with companies.

Close collaboration with partners in industry

The ETH professors taking part in the project are primarily from the Department of Management, Technology, and Economy (D-MTEC), and from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering (D-MAVT). The KTI (Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency) and the SATW (Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences) were also significantly involved in the initial establishment of the center, where ETH researchers will be investigating innovation systems in their entirety, i.e., their design, management and development. In particular, they will be examining the dynamics of the systems. Central issues will include the optimal political conditions and the appropriate forms of management at the corporate as well as the economic level. Therefore ICCI intends to coordinate and synchronize both present and future innovation research within ETH. The main research focus will lie on high and medium-hightech industries, who can act either as subjects of research or as research partners themselves. The goal of this teamwork is to strengthen the process view on innovation within companies. In addition to conducting research, the ICCI aims to develop certain courses at the graduate as well as postgraduate level.


The ICCI is comprised of the following professors and research groups: Prof. Dr. Roman Boutellier, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Prof. PhD. Fritz Fahrni, Professor of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship, Chairman of the ICCI Steering Committee, Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch, Professor of Information Management, Prof. Dr. Volker Hoffmann, Professor of Sustainability and Technology, Dr. Carmen Kobe, Transfer Center for Innovation at the Center for Product, Development Dr. Christian Marxt, Professor for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship, Managing Director ICCI.
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