Fedora Workshop at FIZ Karlsruhe

29.03.2007 - (idw) Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe

Introduction to the Fedora Disseminator Architecture for advanced E-Science Projects Karlsruhe, March 2007 - Digital libraries and institutional repositories play an important part in the E-Science environment. Fedora (flexible extensible digital object repository architecture) is one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful architectures for such applications.

On May 7th and 8th, 2007, FIZ Karlsruhe will hold a workshop on the topic "Fedora Dissemination Architecture". One of the many advantages of Fedora lies in its ability to associate the data in a digital object with web services to produce dynamic disseminations. However, this powerful feature is seldom used. The workshop's goal is to help participants to better understand the mechanics of disseminators and how to use them in their projects.

Invited speakers are Carl Lagoze (Cornell University, USA) and Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf, LLC, USA). On the first day, Carl Lagoze will introduce disseminators. We have reserved time for in-depth discussion of questions and real-world examples brought up by the participants. On the second day of the workshop, Matt Zumwalt will give an interactive introduction to XForms. One of the primary barriers to adoption of Fedora is the difficulty in deploying custom frontends to the system. Matt is currently refining techniques that leverage XForms and Fedora disseminators that address this challenge.

The workshop is intended for Fedora users already familiar with this software, who would like to improve their skills. The workshop will be a 'hands-on' experience with a mixture of lectures and tutorials. Participants should bring their laptops with them.

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