FIZ Chemie presents its new eBook guide and IN-FOTHERM® at the ILDS in Hanover

13.10.2009 - (idw) Fachinformationszentrum Chemie GmbH

In Hanover at the ILDS library conference from 20th - 22nd October, FIZ Chemie will be presenting the initial version of its new eBook search engine, as well as INFOTHERM®, the improved thermophysical fact database / GOPORTIS' cooperation has brought this international conference to the state capital of Lower Saxony for the 50th anniversary of Hanover's TIB FIZ Chemie will be presenting its new eBook Guide and its INFOTHERM thermophysical facts database, now expanded to include numerous search functions, at the 11th Interlending and Document Supply Conference (ILDS) from 20th to 22nd October. On the 50th anniversary of the Hanover Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB), the German National Library of Science and Technology, this international library conference will be taking place in the state capital of Lower Saxony. Interested parties are warmly invited to come and find out about the new eBook search engine and the database.
The new FIZ Chemie eBook Guide provides a full text search of electronic publications across different publishers for anyone who is searching for scientific, medical or technical literature. Libraries can integrate the search engine in their library catalogue (OPAC) and set up the software so that users are only shown eBook titles to which the library subscribes or to which the library is licensed by the publisher. The eBook Guide provides immediate evidence of about 10,000 indexed electronic books, including the DOI (digital object identifier). Currently the vast majority are Springer eBooks. A contract with the de Gruyter publishing house and ongoing negotiations with numerous other STM publishing houses will guarantee continuous expansion of the data source. Professional search screens are available for use, from the simple to the advanced, along with different display options. Hits are displayed as hit lists with an analysis of the hit quality (as a percentage). The "keyword in context" display (the search term highlighted in its respective surrounding text) allows the search results to be rapidly assessed.
The INFOTHERM® database covers about 95 percent of all values relevant for thermophysical processes and procedures which have been published around the world in specialist literature. In its new form, it saves chemical engineers and process engineers from time-consuming, manual searches through endless hit lists. In addition, it also allows open search enquiries for the first time. Searchers are no longer tied to entering the concrete name of a compound, but can also retrieve responses to questions such as: "Is there a chlorinated hydrocarbon that forms an azeotrope with water and ethanol between 50 and 60°C". Conversely, the question of whether there are chlorine-free hydrocarbons for this formulation can of course also be asked. The database responds with a few hits, preselected for their relevance to the question.
The open query uses a new filter option by about 500 families of compounds. With this function about four million datasets on about 39,000 substance mix-tures and approx. 21,000 pure substances can be explored without any redun-dancy. Also new is the XML-based IUPAC data exchange format in INFOTHERM, which guarantees fault-free and complete recording of thermophysical data from e-journals. It is also possible to export all INFOTHERM data in the IUPAC standard.
The ILDS 2009 is preceded by the free forum "Rethinking Resource Sharing in Europe", which takes place on 19.10.2009 from 11.00 to 17.00 in the Bonatz Hall of the Hanover Conference Centre. At this forum, sponsored by the international library organisation OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), the library software suppliers BCR and relais international, the initiative Resource Sharing will be presenting ideas on how knowledge resources can be made more accessible to the public through libraries.

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