Conference on Practice-Based Research in Art and Design: Call for Works

30.05.2011 - (idw) Bauhaus-Universitšt Weimar

The Conference on Practice-Based Research in Art and Design will take place at the Bauhaus-Universitšt Weimar from 1 to 3 December 2011. This conference is developed and organized by doctoral candidates in the PhD programme Art and Design / Fine Art in cooperation with advising professors and coordinators. We invite you to share your ideas and work on our international conference. You will be part of a fruitful dialogue between German, European and international art and design colleges and universities.

The registration is now open at:

At the conference we wish to demonstrate the research methods in creative processes, artistic strategies, their results and artefacts, and discuss how they may be integrated into an academic classification system. In order to differentiate between potential research clusters, we are interested in collaborating and intensively sharing expertise with individuals and organizations in the field of design research and artistic research.
Please see our Call for Works, both for presentations and workshops. We would be very grateful if you could spread the word to all other interested persons from artists, researchers and designers to PhD students.

About us:
Since 2008, the doctoral degree programme in Weimar offers advanced academic qualification to artists and designers who have already attained a masters degree or Diploma from a college/ university of art or design. The three-year programme concludes with a doctoral thesis, equally comprised of a scientific part and artistic /design part. With this requirement the Faculty of Art and Design offers a PhD degree like no other in Germany with dual qualification in both practical and academic areas. The topics vary in the field of Artistic and Design Research and are often interdisciplinary oriented. Weitere Informationen: - Call for presentations - Call for workshops - detailed information on the conference