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Englisch LK Niedersachsen 2007- A m e r i c a
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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 18:29:45    Titel:

I.) “The American Experience”

An Outline of American History: Early Settlements
- in the early 1600s there was a beginning of a great tide of emigration from Europe to North America
- flood of millions made this movement in three centuries
- they built a new civilization
- they came in small, overcrowded ships
- most Europeans left their homelands to escape political oppression, to seek the freedom and to practice their religion, or for adventure
- between 1620 and 1635, economic difficulties swept England
- many people couldn´t find work

An Outline of American History: Massachussetts
- in 1620 , a group of Puritans set out for Virginia on board the “Mayflower”
- they landed in New England
- they thought they were outside the jurisdiction of any organized government, the men drafted a formal agreement to abide by “just and equal laws” drafted by leaders of their own choosing à MAYFLOWER COMPACT

Mayflower Compact:
- just and equal laws
- civil body politic
- in the name of God
- an own church, country
- and advancement of Christian faith
- political, religious freedom
- the pilgrims are loyal subjects
- submission, obedience
- What is the use of MD? à to live in freedom, to practice their religions (laws), independece

The Promised Land:
- the Puritans who landed in Massachussetts thought they were establishing the New Israel
- they believed to have been guided by God
- New World à New Canaan
- God´s chosen people
- God chosen the Israelites to lead them out of Egypt, the Puritans compared themselves with the Israelites

The Decleration of Independence:
In 1776 the Americans set up a Decleration of Independence which promised equal rights to all men, but the black slaves, natives and women got nothing through that. They had still the same rights as before the Decleration and were still underpreviliged. The white men, who created it, took also most advantage of it. But today the blacks have officially the same rights, but in the society they are still not accepted by some other people.

Decleration of Independence:
Took less advantage of: à slaves / black people
à Indians / = native Americans
à women
Took most advantage of: à white settlers
à rich, white men
à politicans
à religious people
à WASPs:
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants
Skin origin religion
Gender: male

The American Dream:
Why do people emigrate into the USA?
Why do people work fpr minimum wages? Sixty hours a week and only 5 holidays a year. Why do people like to do the lowest jobs possible in any given society?
- money / land
- freedom
- religious freedom / worship
- political rights
- American way of life
- life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
- rags to riches
- dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man
- key component of American Dream: Freedom

J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur (1735-1813): Letters from an Amercian Farmer (1782):
- strange mixture of blood, which you will find in no other country
- leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners
- here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men
- Americans are the western pilgrims
- Here they are incorporated into one of the finest system of population
- Here the rewards of his industry follow with equal steps the progress of his labour
- Gladly help their father to clear those fields whence exuberant crops are to arise
- Here religion demands but little of him
- The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles
- Metaphor of “Melting Pot”

Manifest Destiny:
- America´s mission to democratize the world
- America used this belief in its manifest destiny to justify its territorial expansion as well as imperialism
- The role of the USA as gobal mediator in political conflicts also grew out of this idea
- Progress
- Manifest Destiny is/was the driving force behind American life and culture
- Americans believe they´re God´s chosen people à bring out their ideals to the other world
- Religious concept à New Canaan
- MD = göttliche Vorhersehung

Is the idea of MD still present in the USA today?
- The concept of MD is still present in the USA, you can see it in the war against terrorism or as an excuse for war.
- The USA is the last remaining World Power who comes to the aid opressed countries or who fights against dictatorship and communism.
- The concept of MD includes the will to export the idea of democracy (and capitalism).
- The doctrine of MD also includes the export of American ideas and values and the American´s view of living conditions.
Although there is no more westward movement possible, the Americans explore now new areas in the fields of science, arts, sports and technology.

Imperialism is a system in which country rules other countries. Sometimes having used force to obtain power over them, e.g. the main era of Imperialism was the end of the 19th century when many European powers gained territories in Africa and Asia.
Imperialism can also refer more generally to a country´s efforts to have a lot of power and influence over other countries, especially in economical and political matters, e.g. “in a speech the accused the USA of ecnomic Imperialism”.
Cultural Imperialism: The governments measures to resists cultutal Imperialism include limiting the number of foreign television programmes.
à Imperialism is the policy of extending a countrys power and influence in the world through political relations, enconomic measures or military force and especially in the past by acquiring colonies.

The difference between Imperialism and Manifest Destiny:
Manifest Destiny is the American doctrine of the year 1845. It said that the development and the possession of the American continent is the decision of the USA to justify the break through of the permanent Indian frontier.
Manifest Destiny is the peaceful spreading of democracy in other areas and countries. It was a westward movement. Manifest Destiny should show other countries the view of living conditions to convince them.
Imperialism in comparison is the try of great states to get the power about another country and to increase their territory.
Imperialism is a violent movement, which forces other countries to (democracy) or takes over the power of other countries.
Manifest Destiny only tries to convince the countries, but Imperialism forces other countries.

IMP à political, economic, national interests
MD à pursue virtually the same interests, puts its legitimation on the will of God à pursuit of happiness

Although the American people consider MD and Imperialism as completely different types of contents, both of it nevertheless deal with the same basic interests: political, economic and national interests. Yet in fact, MD serves as a political and moral justification of the US imperialistic aims.

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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 18:41:25    Titel:

Zu Tortilla Curtain,60.html
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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 19:15:24    Titel:

Tessoro hatte folgendes gescgrieben,0.html

ch hab Studs terkel durchgenommen...
was dabei rausgekommen ist ist folgendes:

The AD seen by citizens:

- great diversity in how the dream is seen
- the emphasis of the dream includes:
+materialistic terms
+political terms
+ existential terms
+ historical terms
+ traditional terms
+ racial/ethnic terms
- limitations on the dream are imposed by
+ racism /colour
+ poverty
+ family backgroung
+ personal ability (or the lack of them)
+ dependence on higher authorities

und dann haben wir dazu noch diskutiert: The american dream Nightmare or reality...

Ich mein ja nur weil bei dem einen unterthema "Ethnic and Social Diversity: sorrows, hopes, careers (e. g. selected interviews by Studs Terkel)" eben was von Terkel stand...
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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 19:17:50    Titel:

Zu Crèveceur

Bianca1987 hat folgendes geschrieben:
Bezüglich Crevecoeur haben wir nen Auszug behandelt. Den findet man aber auch im Internet, hab allerdings nicht bei wikipedia nachgeschaut. Den, den man im Net findet, ist der gesamte Text. Den brauch man aber nicht komplett behandelt haben. es ist nur gut zu wissen, das die Europäer etc. ihr Heimatland verließen und in die USA kamen, da ihnen dort ein besseres Leben versprochen wurde: Keine Ausbeutung durch den Adel, keine Großindustrie, die tausende Menschen anstellt, Reich und Arm ist nicht weit voneiander getrennt, neue Gesetze, neues soziales System etc. Vor allem wird in dem Text versprochen, dass Menschen aus vielen Nationen in eine neue Gruppe zusammengefasst werden (melting pot). In diesem Zusammenhang haben wir auch noch salad bowl behandelt, steht aber glaub ich nicht in den Vorgaben.
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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 19:58:21    Titel:

Statue of Liberty

A national monument of New Jersey and New York, the Statue of Liberty is arguably America's greatest symbol of freedom and opportunity.

Located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the statue commemorates the friendship between the United States and France that began during the American Revolution. Her official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World."

The statue - also known as "Lady Liberty" - has many symbolic features. Her torch represents liberty. In Roman numbers, her tablet reads "July 4, 1776," America's independence day.

Her crown has 25 windows, recognizing the gemstones found on the earth and the heaven's rays shining over the world. The rays of her crown symbolize the seven continents and seven seas. At her feet are chains, representing the tyranny of colonial rule from which America escaped.


Located in New York Harbor, the 152-foot Statue of Liberty was a gift of international friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States. Edourd de Laboulaye of France developed the idea of creating a giant statue to honor the friendship and the commitment to liberty between France and the United States. An inspiration to millions of immigrants, this statue is a universal symbol of freedom, democracy, and diplomacy.
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Anmeldungsdatum: 22.11.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 20:10:30    Titel:

Danke Lisa, wegen der Sache zu Studs Terkel Smile , das hatten wir nämlich nicht. Aber was ist das denn? Gabs da einen Text zu oder wie darf man sich das vorstellen?
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Anmeldungsdatum: 14.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 20:16:22    Titel:

Du, keine Ahnung, das hab ich wie gesagt aus nem anderen Thread.
Ich glaube aber, das ist ein Buch mit verschiedenen Texten/Stories (bzw sind das glaub ich Interviews) zu u.a. American Dream usw.
Wir hatten nur einen Text davon wozu wir sogar ein "Mock Abi" schreiben sollten. Das ging über nen Mexikaner der 'n ganz hohes Tier im Business Bereich geworden is.
Ging aber auch viel um Discrimination und so.

Ich denk es geht einfach um verschiedene Lebensgeschichten (hauptächlich Einwanderen/Ethnic Minorities) bezogen auf American Dream. Ihre Hoffnungen, Träume, Erwartungen (Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten..) und was dann letztendlich dabei rausgekommen ist. (Oft ja eben auch--> American Nightmare)

Zuletzt bearbeitet von _=-LiSa-=_ am 04 Apr 2007 - 20:23:56, insgesamt einmal bearbeitet
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Anmeldungsdatum: 18.10.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04 Apr 2007 - 20:21:01    Titel:

Mensch Lisa, das ist ja echt der Wahnsinn. Vielen Dank, dass du das hier alles reinschreibst.
Lernst du viel für Englisch?
Schreibe auch noch CHemie und hab Angst, dass das zu kurz kommt, wenn ich nur Englisch lerne
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Anmeldungsdatum: 21.03.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 05 Apr 2007 - 10:09:25    Titel:

Vielen Dank Lisa Smile

Das sind echt ein paar interessante Sachen.. Hatte vorher nur die beiden Mappen aus 12 und 13 und ein paar Zusammenfassungen der Bücher gelernt..
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Anmeldungsdatum: 04.04.2007
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BeitragVerfasst am: 05 Apr 2007 - 10:56:43    Titel:

Ich wollte auch noch etwas, was unser Lehrer uns gegeben hat, dazu stellen.
Es sind nur ein paar Sätze, aber die fett gedruckten Sätze sind diejenigen, die "man sich merken muss", laut unseres Lehrers. Wir haben damit die Klausur mit dem America Thema des letzten Jahres bearbeitet und es hat sehr gut geklappt.

Complex pattern of convictions and aspirations

1. The steady improvement of living standards. Everybody can realize their highest ambitions through their own endeavors.
2. Social progress and personal, individual success, Borders must be crossed and obstacles overcome
3. Continual challenge of new frontiers. Immigrants of different ethnic cultural and religious hackground can be integratet in the new american nation.
4. Melting pot Thei live togher peacefully...
5. a multicultural society. America is God's chosen country. Americans should give the rest of the world the true american democracy
6. manifest of destiny
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