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Englisch LK Niedersachsen 2007- A m e r i c a
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wem nicht Wink

hier noch mal was zu den ansichten bzgl. des american dream:

American Dream
There are a lot of different themes within the novel such as immigration, racism, and the American Dream. Obviously, illegal immigration is one theme because the plot of the novel deals with the illegal immigration problem in Southern California and several conflicts between immigrants and American citizens are shown. Furthermore, it is partly written from the view of an illegal immigrant. Therefore immigration is one of the main themes.
Another theme in the novel is the American Dream. Originally, the American Dream is the myth widely held in the United States that everybody can make it from rags to riches, and that everybody can achieve prosperity through hard work, courage and determination. The expression marked the American economic upturn in the first half of the 20th century and was coined by James Truslow Adams (The Epic of America, 1930). The American Dream was one of the reasons for millions to migrate to the US during that time.
This idea of the American Dream is also portrayed in the novel, namely by the Rincóns and by contrasting them to the Mossbachers. América, as her name already indicates, truly believes in a better life and the manifestation of the American Dream. In her mind, the American Dream consists of an apartment, a gas range, a refrigerator, and running water. She is strongly convinced of her dreams, thinking once they have got an apartment, everything will be alright for them. Cándido has already been to the US working as an immigrant worker and knows of the advantages of the US lifestyle. Their reasons for migrating to the US are quite simple. They look for a better standard of living than they had in Mexico and try to earn some money. Particularly in Cándido's case there was nothing holding him back because he had broken with his family and also with his former wife. He only cares about América and convinces her to give it a chance by promising her a much better life. Even though they were shocked when they had been caught by the border patrol the first time, they held on to their dreams tightly and tried it again. This shows how bad their situations must have been in Mexico. In the course of the novel they are thrown back several times by unfortunate events, and in spite of that they still hold on to their dream. However, it turns out that they cannot fulfil their American Dream.
In contrast to that, there are Delaney Mossbacher and his wife Kyra who are not satisfied with their lives, even though they are a well-situated family. Kyra is a real estate agent and Delaney writes columns for a nature periodical. They live in an exclusive house on top of a hill in a suburb of Los Angeles, instead of in a self-made shack as the Rincóns do. They can afford to own two dogs, a cat and a couple of cars. However, the Mossbachers are still not satisfied with their achievements and seek for even more wealth, e.g. Kyra dreams of owning the Da Ros place. This shows their materialistic attitudes which appear to the reader as absurd and unfair towards people like the Rincón’s. Their materialistic attitude is also shown in other instances, e.g. Delaney always wears the latest hiking gear. The Rincóns do not own any property themselves and are glad when they have enough to eat while Kyra and Delaney are stunned over trivial problems, such as a dent in the car’s hood. This indicates that from the viewpoint of the Rincóns the Mossbachers would have already fulfilled their American Dream.
Both couples have their own vision of the American Dream and in the end both realize that their dreams were just illusions. Even though both couples live close together, they are worlds apart. Thus the Mossbachers represent the American Dream which the Rincons are trying to achieve.
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